Soupah Farm-en-Market

___connecting smallholders____

We genuinely think we have quite a long name, so we call ourselves Soupah Market for short.

Soupah Market matches supply with demand.

We use technology to enable Agripreneurs to connect smallholder farmers to market.

Using a franchising model, we equip these Agripreneurs with mobile technology, expertise, pack houses, solar powered cold rooms and vehicles to collect the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables from rural smallholder farmers and deliver it to the demand of retailers and grocers across the South Western part of Nigeria.

Our solution expands domestic market for rural farmers who can now consistently link harvest with sales and with this structured demand for agricultural products, smallholder farmers can now plan and diversify production for a more predictable income, including a way to support livelihoods and lift them out of poverty.

Our model shrinks the agricultural value chain to increase efficiency and effectively builds the Nigerian agricultural supply chain with price transparency and blockchain traceability to achieve food security and safety.