Soupah Farm-en-Market

___connecting smallholders____

We are a tech-enabled food distribution company.

We drive the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, pulses, spices, poultry products, sea foods & FMCGs to informal retailers, institutions, individual buyers and export market; leveraging user centric digital platforms.

By utilizing a Simplified USSD (Unstructured supplementary service data) platform to facilitate direct delivery to informal retailers’ doorsteps, we reach hundreds of unorganized small businesses with the capabilities of e-commerce to promote sustained and inclusive growth while minimizing costs.

Our B2B model serves both local and international markets and integrates smallholder farmers into a structured value chain; while connecting conscientious food buyers and manufacturers to better-grown foods.

With our B2C vertical, we provide organized retailing at the consumer level and facilitate an omnichannel marketplace that ensures quality foods are accessible and affordable for consumers. From our GPS-equipped tricycle that travels door-to-door, even to the remote parts of the city typically referred to as the food desserts; to our self-service food lockers in different neighborhoods for customers to Click + Collect food; and our healthy ready-to-eat food bar; we keep promoting better nutrition consumption and healthy diets directly to consumers.




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